We wanted to throw a very special party for our just turned 7-year-old twin boys, so we booked “Bob” the T-Rex.  All I can say is WOW!  We had about 25 kids at the party in our backyard and when Bob stomped in, the kids went absolutely nuts!  He really makes an entrance!  All in all, a GREAT TIME was had by all.  The adults were more intrigued by the T-Rex than the kids I think!  Bob and his trainer were professional, engaging and even let the boys take him for a walk down our street…much to the surprise of all our neighbors!
Alice S. Tinley Park, IL
With the COVID situation, I wanted to make my 12 years daughter’s birthday special.  Given that the “drive-by” party was one of my only options, we decided to hire Bob the TRex.  And what a hit he was!  I’m surprised we didn’t get a ticket for causing a traffic jam on our street.  Cassie’s friends were jumping out of their parent’s cars and taking pictures with Bob and some of the parents parked their cars and did too.  If you are planning a drive by birthday or drive by anything, hire Bob…he was a huge hit!
Terry D. Chicago, IL
So, my brother Jim and I are always trying to prank and outdo each other year after year on our birthdays. He’s usually gotten the best of me.  Til I found Bob!  I hired Bob the T-Rex to wait behind some bushes near the front door of my brother’s house and Bob’s trainer rang the doorbell and ran.  When Jim opened the front door and this thing came running out of the bushes at him, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man scream in terror like that before…LOL!!  Great job!
Alex R. Glenview, IL
Chicago Dinosaur knocked it out of the park!  We struggled every year to find a way to drive traffic through our booth at our annual industry trade show, so we hired Bob, and the results were amazing.  After the 1st day, we had to add additional sales staff to the booth on the 2nd and 3rd days of the show just to handle the all the people that showed up to see our dinosaur.  He was the hit of the entire show. Our booth traffic was 5 times what it had been over the past 3 years.  We’ve already booked Bob for next year’s show!  Thanks again!
Maureen V. Chicago, IL
We hired Bob the T-Rex with a photo booth for our son Jacob’s Bar-Mitzvah and absolutely LOVED it! Everyone had a blast, Bob was a huge hit and the photo booth quality was excellent, and the photobooth attendant was so friendly. Would highly recommend them to anyone!
Janice G. Highland Park, IL